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December 27, 2013
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All good things come to an end by Shotechi All good things come to an end by Shotechi

Previously: [link]

30. Dezember, 2013
  Then, there was this problem with Nocturne.
  The black mare was surely a valuable horse, if not the highest-priced horse they had at the Waving Tree - a five year old filly with most amazing french bloodlines, that could perform half-pass and a pirouette, not to mention her gaits!
  Nana really could have considered herself lucky to be allowed to ride such a promising mare, but still the girl had taught her everything and had gotten better and better herself. Everyone in the region who saw them at competitions had already casted an eye on the Selle Francais... 
  Now, Nana had left a few days ago.
  She had left with very wet eyes, hugging everybody as if she would fly to another continent, especially her little mare Luna. Now she was gone...
  After all, that meant that a very promising and talented Dressage horse was in desperate need of a new rider. Anne didn't want to sell her - she couldn't even imagine it! - and so she gave her up for lease, but only if the filly could stay at the Waving Tree.
  The interest was incredible.
  Luna was a little bit intimidated by the mass of foreign riders on her back (half of them declined because they considered the mare to be "too shy"), but she still tried to give her best. Anne eyed every single one of the possible borrowers very suspiciously, but in the end decided to leave Nocturne to a very persistent woman, who seemed to be outright and resolute. Though the stable owner still didn't know how to think of her, she had a very solid seat, a correct style of riding and a firm hand; and she surely knew how to "wake up" the mare, so that she wouldn't trot around the square like a 3 year old and shy horse.
  Anne expected her to bloom under the wings of this experienced rider; and their style of riding reminded her of her own education, so they, after an one-week trial, signed a contract for a two-year-lease.  

  After that, everything changed.
  Anne was disgusted to see that she had misjudged the intentions of this woman... after one week of "perfect riding", she changed to a double dressage bit and deprived the black mare of every single bit of freedom she had left. She also started to ride the mare in a deeper head position, not the beautifully free, high head carriage Nana always had allowed her to have. Luna started to rebel.
  Her naturally beautiful gaits vanished, and when this woman rode her, she almost looked like an ordinary dressage horse, not the special black bird that had used to levitate around the square... Anne, of course, wanted to have Luna back. But at the same time she knew that it was impossible. Contract was contract, and this woman already had made her point clear enough.
  "I tell you, when she starts to ride her in hyperflexion, I'll pull her out of the saddle and call the police!", Anne snarled in her brother Daniel's direction. "She is the most devious person I've ever had to get along with! I don't know what to do!!" She lowered her head and let go of a long, desperate sigh.


  A few days later, Anne sat on a stone next to one of the dark, muddy pastures and watched the Waving Tree, her stud, her family, slowly fall apart.
Nana was the first to leave her, who would follow?
She knew the reason for all this very well... the friends, who had started to visit the stud as 10-year-old children, were slowly growing up. They were slowly becoming adults, and they had to find their own future. She couldn't keep them at the Waving Tree forever...
  By now, she didn't know that in two weeks, Rahel and Fanny would fall throughout a training, causing the girl to break her collarbone and stay away for months until she would graduate and leave to München, where she would start studying Biology. 
  Sky would leave and study in a city near Stuttgart, to become what she'd always wanted to be, even Kain would just stay a part-time rider and would go away to become a pilot.
  Will would study to become a elementary school teacher, but he'd come to the Waving Tree as often as possible, because he just couldn't leave his beloved horse Windmill.
  They all would promise to visit the stud at weekends, but it just wouldn't be the same anymore...
  She didn't know that she would have to sell Tunguska and Tango, maybe just because she needed the money, and because those two horses were the most experienced and would fetch a good price. 
  She didn't know yet that she would save Fanelia from sharing the same fate, just because she really became fond of the filly. If there ever would be a future for the Waving Tree, it would be Fanny's. 
  But she did know that the Waving Tree would never be the same as it was before. 
  These years had just been a chapter of her life, a very happy one indeed, but now she had to turn the pages.
  All good things come to an end. Always.


This is the end of the WTS stories.
I didn't want this to happen, but it's necessary. ._. now I feel bad. why is this ending so... sad and dark? <.<
it started here [link] - remember when I said that the serious stuff will somehow continue? that it started to get dark and just will be worse and worse...? that's what I meant ._.
I really don't want to leave this little dreamland T___T *cries* and my horses T_T give me back my horses T_T
(...although I don't think that many are interested in my stable's concerns.. I'm really overdramatising it! D: ...not for me, though.)

(Who will stay on WTS:
Anne (rider of Chocolat on la Rivé) cuz she's the stable owner xD
Andrew (not-yet-rider of Dovahkiin) because he is her "adopted son" and the horse business is his future, too
Daniel (rider of Sachiel and Pu) because he is Anne's brother he now is a "professional" rider and gets money for it
Summer (rider of Blueberry and owner of Pippin) because she is too busily preoccupuied with different stuff and will most likely also be a professional rider someday)


Art, characters (c) by me, no ref used

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Es kann doch nicht so vorbei sein, es darf nicht...das ist so traurig, tu das nicht, Sky, bitte! Zu sehen, wie WTS sein halbes Leben verliert...
Es kann doch nicht einfach so vorbei sein. All die Pferde, die Menschen...sie können doch nicht alle einfach getrennte Wege gehen!
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